Custom Beach Homes

AGHpntplnsPgBnrOur Team Can Begin Working With You Wherever You Happen to be in the Planning Process, and We Are Ready to Give You Exactly the Home You Have in Mind.

We’ve found from experience that our customers often have a specific vision for their next home and this vision is seldom found in a standard floor plan.

No matter how well a standard plan is executed, they seldom fit all the requirements most homeowners imagine choosing for themselves. For this reason we’ve made it our goal to transform good ideas from our customers, into personalized, custom designs crafted for living. A custom home built by American Gallery Homes defines our commitment to provide our customers a great value along with superb, quality craftsmanship.311169_doorsm

Whether you’re in the initial stage of developing a plan for a new home someday, or if you have a plan that has lovingly evolved over time, simply bring it to us. Let our team help you develop the strategy you need to make your dream design a reality. Someday just might be now, and it’s time to begin plans for a new place to call your beach home.


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